NO Opt Out For LGBT "ed" In CA Schools -- Sign This Protest

John Ritchie

California school distinct tells parents:

Your children can't opt out of pro-abortion, pro-LGBT programming

-- Join the protest
Dear Jerome Novotny,

"The land of the free" is not so free anymore...

Especially in California where a new police state is emerging to crush the innocence of our children.

Fact 1: A new law is taking effect in California -- the California Healthy Youth Act -- which forces children to attend pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, and pro-transgender sex education lessons.

Fact 2: Government imposed teaching materials include a K to 5th grade study guide for I am Jazz, a pro-transgender book written by a boy who calls himself a girl.

Fact 3: The "sexual health toolkit" is another approved part of the program. In addition to recommending Planned Parenthood, the offensive "toolkit" offers explicit instructions on how to commit sins against nature -- including the use of sex toys and worse.

Fact 4: Furthermore, the pro-transgender law mandates: "Instruction and materials shall teach pupils about gender, gender expression, gender identity, and explore the harm of negative gender stereotypes." (Section 51933)

This is so wrong.

Because forcing young children to accept transgenderism is a form of child abuse, according to the American College of Pediatricians.

I've never seen anything so sick before and I invite you to:

Please stand up for the innocence of children -- by protesting here

You see -- in theory -- parents are allowed to opt out of the program, but in practice something vastly different is taking place.

For example:

The Orange County Department of Education issued a memo on March 29, 2018, stating that the rights of parents to opt out...

"does not apply to instruction, materials, or programming that discusses gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation...."

The memo continues:

"...parents who disagree with the instructional materials related to gender, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation may not excuse their children from this instruction." [emphasis mine]

In other words:
Children will be forced to accept transgenderism.
Parents will be bullied to give up their God-given rights.
Sin and sinful behavior will be promoted as normal.
And this sinful agenda destroys true freedom.

That is why I'm asking you to take a stand today.


Tell the Orange County Department of Education to stop pushing transgenderism on children

Brave parents are pushing back and pulling their children out of school.

More and more parents are homeschooling.

But that's not enough. You and I can't remain silent and expect things to suddenly get better.

"These are our children!" said Mrs. Heidi St. John. "They do not belong to the schools."

"The Orange County Department of Education feels it is their right to GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO DISAGREE WITH THEM."

In fact, a group of moms launched a grassroots effort called Sex Ed Sit Out on April 23 to oppose the gender-bending and graphic and explicit classes in schools that attack the purity of our youth.

The "sit out" movement is growing.

Frustration is turning into action. Because of a few good moms.

Yes, a few good moms on social media ignited a global movement with protests in the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

You too can protest here

As always, thank you for fighting the good fight.

John Ritchie
TFP Student Action, Director

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