Unmask The Violence And Join Planned Parenthood Day Protests

Shenan J. Boquet

Expose Planned Parenthood; Slayer of Life and Family
“[Parents] should be assisted, guided and directed in every way to eliminate the undesirable offspring, who usually contribute nothing to our civilization but use up the energy and resources of the world.”

― From Margaret Sanger’s “Seven Basic Principles of Planned Parenthood,” given at the Third International Planned Parenthood Conference in Bombay, India in 1952.

What is it going to take to stop sending hundreds of millions of dollars of our money to Planned Parenthood?

Like many of you, I was dismayed when Congress voted a few weeks ago to pass a stopgap funding bill that continues to fund Planned Parenthood for another year. That means, another half a billion in taxpayer dollars will be sent to America’s #1 abortion provider.

Clearly, we must do much more to hold our legislators accountable, and to demonstrate just how serious we are about our demands that Congress defund Planned Parenthood. More also needs to be done to educate ordinary citizens about just how destructive Planned Parenthood is, and why they too should be clamoring for taxpayer funding to cease.

Fortunately, one big opportunity to do both of these things is just over a week away.

The third annual National Day of Prayer and Protest Against Planned Parenthood is scheduled to take place on Saturday, April 28. Over 118 Planned Parenthood protests have been scheduled in 35 states at various Planned Parenthood facilities (find a list of locations here). There’s still time to organize more Planned Parenthood protests, so if there isn’t one in your area, why not volunteer to organize one? My hope is that pro-lifers will prayerfully witness outside every single Planned Parenthood in the country come April 28.

The Evil Behind the Veneer

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