Meet Blake

Becky Yeh

Hi Jerry,

At the young age of 22, Blake Pyron is a successful owner of a snow cone business in Texas, and he is an inspiration to his local community. He also has Down syndrome.

Multiple people told Blake’s parents how they “had all of these people telling us all the things he can’t do, won’t be able to do, limitations on him already before he even had a chance.” They were wrong.

His business - Blake’s Snow Shack - has been recognized by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, and he has been featured on multiple media outlets nationally and internationally. Blake has even landed a NASCAR endorsement for his business. Watch his powerful story by clicking below:

Blake Pyron wouldn’t let Down syndrome hold him back from accomplishing great things. And his town of Sanger, Texas has responded by embracing him and celebrating the hope that he brings to his community.

Jerry, on this World Down Syndrome Day, I hope you will take a few minutes to watch and share this video with your friends on social media.

We must strive to build a world where those with Down syndrome, as well as those with other genetic, physical, intellectual, or behavioral differences, are loved and recognized for the infinite value of their lives.

Blake Pyron and the Sanger, Texas community are truly an example of the world we should want to live in.

- Becky

Becky Yeh
Social Media Manager

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