It's No Longer A Mystery.

Roland C. Warren

Dear Jerry,

Ultrasound technology is miraculous, don't you think? It gives us the opportunity to peek into God's creative work. The Psalmist says that God "knits us together" in the womb, but it has only been in recent years that we have had a vivid window into his awe-inspiring work.

My son and daughter-in-law recently welcomed their baby boy into the world. To call me a proud grandfather would be an understatement. I will never forget first seeing him in the ultrasound image they shared with me. Small? Yes. Vulnerable? Definitely. Beautiful? Without question.

When the Supreme Court first decided Roe v. Wade, ultrasound technology was still emerging. Much of fetal development remained shrouded in the darkness and mystery of the womb. Now, the advent of 4D technology allows us to discern not just a baby's size and shape, but his or her expression and mood. You see, this technology has given us a glimpse into what God sees. God sees "the secret places."

He sees the woman and man reeling from a positive pregnancy test, unsure of how they can afford a baby, and afraid to tell their parents. He sees the single mother with three children, afraid of what another child will mean for her already shaky financial situation. And He sees the children growing in their wombs.

Jerry, abortion promises desperate women and men that it will fix their problems, heal their broken relationships, and ensure happiness. Their abortion decision will be their little "secret." But, reality tells a different story. For God sees it all and He loves them all.

God wants to redeem every situation and provide abundant life to His children.

Jerry, will you join me in praying for those considering abortion to be granted a glimpse into what God sees about their circumstances? I published a post this morning that will help you as you pray. You can read it here:

Thank you for praying,


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