Refocusing The Movemet

Dan Becker

Whether you’re a Dr. Seuss fan or not, you can admire his astute articulation of this simple truth: “A person’s a person, no matter how small.”

Dan Becker agrees and takes it a step further, declaring that personhood is the path to pro-life victory in the 21st century. But what is personhood? Put simply, a “person” is a human being who is fully protected under the law; and we use the legal term “personhood” to describe this condition. Seems simple right? Unfortunately many pro-life organizations have become distracted from first principles and are content to regulate abortion through legislation rife with exceptions. Personhood, on the other hand, asserts the dignity of every human being without discrimination based on health status, gestational age, means of conception or other conditions.

Dan Becker, founder and president of the Personhood Alliance, has devoted his life’s work to refocusing the pro-life movement on personhood. As a legal strategy, personhood seeks to extend the Fourteenth Amendment rights of due process and equal protection to the preborn from the moment of conception. The implications are far reaching. Not only would legal personhood fully protect babies from abortion but it would also protect them against other physical assaults such as in vitro fertilization, cloning and human-animal hybrids.

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