This Is How We Can Solve Pro-life "blindness"

Roland C. Warren

Dear Jerry,

When I first read the results of our research into abortion and the church, I was horrified. Nearly four out of ten post-abortive women were attending church once a month or more at the time of their first abortion.

I realized that many of these women faced difficult pregnancy decisions without anyone in their church knowing something was wrong. As a result, they faced these decisions alone—and they chose abortion.

This is why we developed Making Life DisciplesTM, a curriculum designed to help churches develop a ministry on-ramp to reach the abortion vulnerable. The church needs open eyes and soft hearts so it can discern the needs of the women and men in the pews on Sunday morning and offer the compassion, hope, and help of Jesus Christ.

Yet, a curriculum alone is not enough. What the church needs, what I need, is the continual work of the Holy Spirit to open my eyes and soften my heart so I can be attentive to, and proactive in, responding to the desperate decisions faced by those I know.

Jerry, will you join me in praying for God's discernment to fill the hearts of His people today? That we will bring the hope of the resurrection to those who need it most?

Since today is the second Sunday in Lent, I wrote a devotional to help as you seek God's sight into the needs of your church and community. Please check it out here:

Thank you, Jerry, for joining me in this important time of prayer and intercession!

God bless,


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