TODAY - Scary New US Nuclear Policy



The new U.S. Nuclear Posture Review is expected today at 2:30pm Washington DC time. It outlines the nuclear policy of the U.S. government for years to come.

We’ve seen leaks from the Pentagon, and it is disastrous.

The Trump administration wants to increase its nuclear arsenal, develop more ‘usable’ weapons, and expand the situations they can be used in, even for non-nuclear retaliation.

It goes further than a war of words in a Twitter feed; it’s an all-out attempt to take nuclear weapons out of the silos and onto the battlefield.

Now every country faces a choice: join this new Trump Nuclear Doctrine, which makes nuclear war likely, or join the rest of the world in moving towards nuclear disarmament.

Will you tell your head of state to reject the dangerous new Trump Doctrine? Here is a tweet we suggest:

speaking head(Add name of president/PM/national leader), what’s it going to be? Support the #TrumpNuclearDoctrine & increase likelihood of nuclear war OR support #nuclearban? 122 countries have firmly stated their opposition to the nuclear dangers faced by humanity. #NuclearPostureReview #EndofNukes

Nobody thinks it needs to be made easier for Trump, or any leader, to use nuclear weapons than it already is. But this policy is being spread and other states like Russia, China and India are all pouring more money into developing new and more dangerous nuclear arsenals. A new arms race is starting and we must stop it.

The Trump Nuclear Doctrine is aggressively winding the Doomsday Clock in the wrong direction by lowering the threshold for when the U.S. will use nuclear weapons. Reports say the U.S. would now feel justified launching nuclear weapons in response to a cyber attack!

There is a silver lining during this bleak moment. Trump articulated a vision for a nuclear-free world in his State of the Union speech this week, while arguing for more weapons. He agrees with us that a world without nuclear weapons is what we should seek, he just doesn’t think it’s possible. That’s where he is wrong.

The United Nations adopted a Treaty to ban nuclear weapons thanks to the efforts of civil society, brave political leaders and committed people like you. If the U.S. genuinely wants to eliminate nuclear weapons it has the power to do so, it just needs to join the rest of the world.

World leaders now face a clear choice: join the Trump Nuclear Doctrine, and lock us into nuclear war, or join the rational world in moving towards the elimination of all nuclear weapons through the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Thanks for being on the side of reason,
Beatrice and the ICAN team

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