ANTIFA - Pro Hard Communist Group

Ron Panzer


I am sending out a link to access a document explaining the ANTIFA movement very clearly. It is an anti-life, pro hard communist group that considers even liberal Leftist Democrats as too far to the "right!" These are the guys in black masks who shut down talks by conservatives and others and seek actual revolution. They do not believe in free speech and certainly don't honor God or His law. They certainly qualify as a criminal, terrorist organization.

The contents of the 94 page pdf e-book is listed below. Please take the time to read this! And forward this email to others so they understand this terrorist group that has been appearing in many cities around the country (and in Europe as well).

All of us, and certainly every pro-life individual, need to understand this group as they are ramping up their activities and are seeking to undermine our society (as some other groups also are working to accomplish). You can sign up to get immediate access to the free report on ANTIFA at:

All healthcare must be pro-life, otherwise it is not healthcare!

Ron Panzer

for Hospice Patients Alliance

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