Dear Radio Maria And One More Soul Friends,

Steve Koob

Lisa Bergman loves her family, publishing dormant Catholic books and explaining the beauty of the Traditional Roman Mass (TRM). She recently helped Fr Bob McElwee organize a TRM Symposium in Pittsburg KS where she made two presentations:
"How I Came To Be an Expert on the Roman Mass---Not", and
"Come On In; the Water is Warm"

Lisa morphed from a graduate of the Notre Dame School of Architecture to a homeschooling mom creating a children's Missal to help her children navigate the Latin Mass. That's how her family publishing apostolate began. Now St Augustine Press is dedicated to finding and republishing out-of-print classics of Catholic literature with a special focus on the work of Mother Mary Loyola.

I asked Lisa how she responds to, "Why do you like a Mass that you can't understand the language and the priest has his back to you so you can't even see what he is doing?"

I know she will have answers, but will she convince you to try the TRM?

Please join Lisa and me on "The Quest for a Culture of Life in America" on air or on line at . Archived programs can be found at

May God bless us and our nation.

Steve Koob, Director One More Soul, and Host
"The Quest for a Culture of Life in America"

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