URGENT: David Daleiden Under Attack From Planned Parenthood

Tom Brejcha

Courageous video investigator David Daleiden is under vicious new attacks from Planned Parenthood and its political allies after he exposed their barbaric aborted baby body parts trafficking business.

To help combat this onslaught, you're invited to join an urgent online event this Thursday, at 9 PM Eastern (6 PM Pacific) where David will share the latest news ... and reveal an enormous breakthrough which could help turn the tide and defeat the abortion Goliath: http://abortionempire.com

David Daleiden spent 30 months conducting an undercover investigation that caught Planned Parenthood's top leadership on video callously negotiating for the harvesting and sale of aborted baby body parts.

The result? Fifteen felony charges filed in California.

But those 15 felony charges were not filed against Planned Parenthood ... they were instead filed against David Daleiden - by California's Democrat Attorney General, Xavier Becerra, whose political campaign was funded by the abortion business.

Planned Parenthood's political puppet filed these 15 bogus felony charges in an effort to crush David and silence all pro-life opposition.

If not cleared of the charges, David faces massive fines and decades locked up in one of California's notorious state penitentiaries, along with the consequences of being a convicted felon ... all because he caught the politically-connected abortion Goliath red-handed in its violent crimes against humanity.

David stood up to the abortion giant. Now we need to stand up for him. Register to attend this webcast and learn how: http://abortionempire.com

By attending the online event, you'll discover:

**The latest behind the scenes revelations about Planned Parenthood's ghastly aborted baby body part harvesting and trafficking business ...

**Stunning victories that David's undercover investigations have already achieved - including accelerating efforts to defund the abortion chain of half a billion taxpayer dollars each year ...

**Breaking news of how Planned Parenthood and its political puppets have just ramped up their attacks against David ...

**Why it's imperative to ensure that the abortion empire doesn't succeed at silencing David and his life-saving work ...

**... and how a huge, new breakthrough in this case can help David win his epic struggle against the abortion giant!

SPECIAL BONUS: During the live webcast, you can ask David your questions, and get answers straight from the source!
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During the live webcast, you'll hear from:

David Daleiden: Founder, Center for Medical Progress

Marjorie Dannenfelser: President, Susan B. Anthony List

Steve Cooley: Former Los Angeles County District Attorney

Brent Ferreira: Former Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney

Tom Brejcha: President & Chief Counsel, Thomas More Society

Royce Hood: Attorney, Entrepreneur, Activist

David Bereit: Former CEO of 40 Days for Life, Webcast Host

Register to Attend http://abortionempire.com/?inf_contact_key=99135209b18b6cd5bff3a8f36055e0265861cec9f15b8fc9b6506c63ca5eef3d

David Daleiden put it all on the line to expose Planned Parenthood's horrific aborted baby parts scandal. Now the abortion giant is striking back with a vengeance. Let's stand with David to ensure that good ultimately triumphs over evil!

For Life,
Tom Brejcha

P.S. - Help spread the word to every pro-lifer you know so they can join you on this urgent webcast! Encourage them to learn more and register to attend at: http://abortionempire.com

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