70 Years Ago, November 20, 1945: Start Of The Nuremberg Tribunal

Bert P. Dorenbos

70 years ago, November 20, 1945: start of the Nuremberg Tribunal

December 10, 1948: Universal Declaration of Human Rights

It is extremely important not to forget the reason for the trials at the Nuremberg Tribunals where the criminals of the Nazi regime were judged. The shedding of innocent blood was a reason to receive the death penalty. And on December 10 1948 the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed. Everybody without any discrimination has the objective right to protection of his life, because all people are equal; this, without any doubt means protection of life from conception to a natural death. Nobody had ever thought to declare killing the life of an unborn baby in their mother’s womb a human right. In the Nuremberg trials doctors who performed abortions were also judged.

Bert P. Dorenbos, President Schreeuw om Leven (Cry for Life)

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