She Understands The Struggles Women Face

Brian Fisher

Dear Jerome,

Human Coalition has made it our mission to reach abortion-determined women who live in some of our nation’s abortion-dense cities. This is no easy task, but it’s what God has called us to do.

While many wonderful nonprofit organizations are working to move the needle on abortion through political advocacy, education, and social services, we are focused on connecting with the roughly 1.2 million women who seriously consider abortion during a single year.

This has led us to own and operate seven women’s care clinics in four abortion-dense cities, and develop a Continuum of Care program. Continuum of Care helps dismantle the many real and practical barriers that stand in the way of a woman choosing life.

I invite you to read about one of our dedicated employees, Lori Szala, who manages our women’s care clinics and oversees the Continuum of Care.

Having experienced her own unexpected pregnancy, Lori intimately understands the struggles of our clients, and she brings a breadth of knowledge as to what it takes to rescue a child and change the life of a mother.

Read how Lori and her team are radically changing the way we rescue lives at Human Coalition. Click URL below.

Brian Fisher

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