Their Report Is Out...

Lila Rose

Hi, Jerry,

As I was with my family over the Memorial Day weekend, I thought about the sacrifices many have made to guarantee our freedom.

It’s humbling to think of all the men and women who have laid down their lives to protect our rights – and it is a reminder of how important our fight is to defend the most important right of all: the right to life.

This important fight is also the reason why over the past several months now, I've continued to inform you that while Planned Parenthood receives over $1.5 million from you, a taxpaying American, it kills 887 preborn children every single day!

The even more disheartening news is that number has changed and actually increased – the abortion giant now kills 899 preborn children every day, according to its recently released annual report.

So every day while we wait for the U.S. Senate to hammer out a deal on the health care bill attached to the defund measure, 899 children are horrifically and brutally dismembered, poisoned, and starved to death by Planned Parenthood – over 4,000 more children than last year.

As you know, those 899 children are more than just numbers…

…They are children who will never get the chance to live their lives, grow up, make families of their own, and contribute to society…

…They are human beings who will never laugh, feel happiness, love or be loved…

Instead, they will feel immense pain as they are ripped apart, limb by limb, and thrown away merely for the so-called crime of being “inconvenient.”

But while you may be disheartened by this news and the delays in Washington, I’m writing you today to tell you we can stop the atrocities that occur every day at Planned Parenthood and abortion facilities across the country.

Jerry, we can put an end to the killing. Really.

The fact is that most Americans don’t know what abortion is, the violence it inflicts on the preborn, and how it harms women. But when they learn the truth, most change their stance.

Live Action tested this by taking our “Abortion Procedures” videos to the streets of Los Angeles, and many of the self-identified pro-choice individuals changed their minds. After seeing just one of our four-minute videos, Audrey responded to it saying: "I think it's so unhuman and it's like – changed my mind about abortion."

You can see the full video on our website, but I can tell you this campaign, as well as our other efforts, are convincing more Americans to become pro-life - simply by educating and telling the truth.

By spreading these videos to more Americans, we are changing one heart and mind at a time - and we will see the day when abortion is unthinkable in our country.

Would you help reach someone like Audrey and change their mind on abortion through a donation to Live Action, today?

Here is the link where you can make your donation:

Jerry, you can make a critical difference, right now, for vulnerable preborn children.

I won’t stop fighting until the day when preborn children are protected and their rights are secured – and with your financial support, that day will come much quicker.

- Lila

Lila Rose
President and founder

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