Family Watch Joins Federal Fraud Complaint Filed Against Homosexual Activist Groups

Sharon Slater

Dear Friend of the Family,

Family Watch has joined with other groups in filing a historic complaint with the U.S. Government Federal Trade Commission (FTC) against three major homosexual activist groups; the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Human Rights Campaign, and the National Center for Lesbian Rights. The FTC is the federal agency that protects consumers from deceptive and unfair business practices.


The complaint, “In Their Own Words, Lies, Deception and Fraud,” was assembled by the National Task Force for Therapy Equality, a coalition of licensed psychotherapists, psychiatrists, physicians, public policy organizations, and psychotherapy clients and patients from across the United States. These organizations together represent more than 20,000 medical and mental health professionals as well as tens of thousands of pro-family Americans. The purpose in filing the complaint is to halt the misinformation and deceptive claims made by these organizations in their quest to limit the right of individuals with unwanted same-sex attraction or severe gender confusion to access therapy that could help them.

In exposing the false information the respondent groups are spreading regarding homosexuality, therapy, and the possibility for change, the complaint provides an extensive review of the available research on homosexuality showing that many people with unwanted same-sex attraction can and do change their sexual orientation.

The complaint’s analysis and extensive documentation on homosexual and gender confusion issues cover the following topics:
The “Born Gay” Lie is a Deliberate Hoax Perpetrated by the Respondents
Evidence Against the Genetic/Biological Argument for Homosexuality
What Else Contributes to Same-Sex Attractions and Gender Dysphoria
Living Things Change and So Can Same-Sex Attraction: Change is Well Documented in Adolescents and Adults without Intervention
No “Electric Shock,” “Electroconvulsive Shock,” or Credible Evidence of Harm
The supporting data in the report, in and of itself, can be an extremely valuable resource for pro-family groups, parents, educators, policymakers and the media, not just in the U.S., but also around the world.

With regard to the actions of the respondents:

The complaint shows how they “have been actively working together for at least five years in a deceptive and fraudulent hate campaign with the goal of deceiving lawmakers on the state, federal, and international level to enact legislation to ban licensed psychotherapy for clients (minors) that experience unwanted same-sex attractions and gender identity conflicts.”

The complaint asserts, among other things, that the three groups “actively and knowingly engaged in deceptive and fraudulent marketing practices of the kind the FTC considers malicious, which are particularly deceptive and misleading to consumers and the general public.”

The complaint further charges that the three groups, “through their marketing campaigns, have actively distorted the scientific research in promoting the “Born Gay” hoax, a notion that has been disproved and refuted by organizations such as the American Psychological Association (APA) through their 2008 Position Statement and 2014 APA Handbook of Sexuality and Psychology.

The respondents have perpetrated this lie “to further their respective political agendas, and in so doing, have raised untold sums of money from unsuspecting consumers and the general public.”

The compliant identifies a number of the most common misrepresentations and deceptive statements and claims by the three respondents and then thoroughly refutes them. While it is focused primarily on U.S. examples, the tactics and lies that are used by activists in the U.S. are the same ones that we encounter at the UN, in various international meetings, and in legislatures and ministries around the world.

In fact, the complaint also addresses dubious testimony given before the UN Committee Against Torture in Geneva in 2014 from an individual who represented one of the respondents to our complaint. This individual claimed the “therapy” that he and other homosexuals received subjected them to what would be considered torture under the Convention Against Torture. The complaint also documents how other witnesses who have testified at various legislative hearings in the U.S. have given dubious or unverifiable testimony, and in some cases, appear to have created outright fabrications in their attempts to discredit the value of therapy.

Please do what you can to help fight this misinformation. Become informed yourself by reading the complaint and then consider forwarding it to others, including as many policymakers, media outlets, educators, medical and mental health professionals, and pro-family leaders as you can.

Thank you for whatever you can do!


Sharon Slater


The complaint, “In Their Own Words, Lies, Deception and Fraud,” by National Task Force for Therapy Equality

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