Possessed…by Whom?

Joseph Jablonski, MSC

Dear Jerry,

Possessed…by whom?

All three readings today refer to possession: by the Holy Spirit. Too many times when we hear the word “possession” we think of evil spirits, devils, etc. but today’s readings invites us to be possessed by God’s Spirit. In the first reading, it was not enough to have received a catechesis for baptism from Philip, the experience of the Lord living within the community was lacking. Peter and John visited the community to bring them their experience of the Risen Lord which then became the experience of the Samarian Community. The second reading reminds us that the experience of the Holy Spirit is what gives us hope in times of conflict and persecution. The felt presence of the spirit of the Risen Lord gives us inner peace and strength. In the gospel, John tells us that the Spirit of truth remains within each of us. That means that we belong to God; not only do we belong but we are actually a part of God’s family. We are not orphans we are children of God.

So today’s readings invite us to be “possessed” by God’s Spirit so that the world might see His presence in all that we are and do.

Fr. Joseph Jablonski, MSC

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