Because Every Child Deserves A Family

Sean L. Callahan

Dear Jerry,

Imagine having no choice but to give up your daughter because you don’t have any way to feed her. Imagine leaving your son at an orphanage, not knowing if you will ever see him again.

Around the world, this happens time and time again. Millions of children are living in orphanages, even though 80% to 90% of them have parents. So many times, the reason is that their mothers and fathers are just too poor to care for them.

Today, on World Family Day, I’m thrilled to announce a new project that will address this problem from every angle, while reuniting children with their families or placing them in other supportive family settings.

Catholic Relief Services—partnering with Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling's organization, Lumos, and Maestral International—is among eight semifinalists in the MacArthur Foundation 100&Change competition.

“Changing the Way We Care” ( is our bold plan to de-institutionalize children—taking them out of orphanages, and supporting families and communities to create opportunities for everyone to thrive.

Please help us spread the word by sharing this video today!

Together, we can change the way we care for families.

Peace and light,

Sean L. Callahan
President & CEO
Catholic Relief Services

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