The Voice

Fr. Joseph Jablonski, MSC

Before birth, a baby already distinguishes the sound of his or her mother’s voice. After birth, when the world becomes a much bigger place, a mother’s voice and the sound of her heart-beat will bring comfort and security to her child as he or she enters a whole new life experience.

Recognizing the voice of the Lord and being close enough to him to hear his heart-beat is how we find our way through the new and challenging experiences of life. Just as a child has spent many months quietly listening in the loving presence of its mother, so we are called to give time to listen to the voice of the Lord spoken in the apparent silence of our hearts.

When we take time to listen, if even just to our own breathing and heart-beat, we become aware of God who is giving us life at each moment. God, who is lovingly sustaining us and believing in us, will speak. By listening carefully and constantly, we will know where to go, what to do, and have the courage to face any challenge because we will know that he is with us.

Sheep know the shepherd’s voice and follow. What a great allegory for our following the voice of the Risen Lord!

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