Aking Back Obama's Final Gift To Planned Parenthood

Joanna Hyatt

Hi Jerry,

In his final days as president, Barack Obama chose to prop up the abortion industry by forcing states to use your tax dollars to fund family planning services at Planned Parenthood. But this week, you and I have the opportunity to reverse that rule.

Knowing that certain state governments wanted to redirect those taxpayer funds away from Planned Parenthood to other eligible clinics and local health departments in their states, the Obama administration issued a rule permanently banning states from withholding Title X (ten) family planning funding from Planned Parenthood facilities.

Title X money is one of Planned Parenthood’s two main sources of taxpayer funding and is given to the abortion chain to provide contraceptives, screenings and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, and other family planning services for low-income individuals. Thousands of Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) are already providing what these funds are meant for, and they do so without performing abortions.

The Senate is scheduled to vote tomorrow on a bill to overturn Obama’s ban and once again give the decision-making power back to the people and the states.

Jerry, will you take two minutes to email or call your senators and encourage them to vote in favor of overturning the Title X ban and allowing states to redirect those taxpayer funds away from Planned Parenthood to local clinics and health departments instead?

Click here to find contact information for your senators and to see some sample talking points you can use when you call or email them:

Every 97 seconds, another child dies at Planned Parenthood. Every day, our tax dollars keep Planned Parenthood’s door open. Let’s make sure Congress hears our voices on behalf of those who don’t have one.

Thank you for support of the preborn.

- Joanna

Joanna Hyatt
Director of Strategic Partnerships

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