Not Clumps Of Cells

Lila Rose


“Why are there three arms?”

Former Planned Parenthood facility manager Sue Thayer once found herself asking this question inside Planned Parenthood’s “products of conception” lab - a place where abortionists sift through the remains of the preborn children they just brutally killed.

The answer she received was incredibly disturbing...and revealing. Click the image below to watch my interview with Sue as she recounts her experiences in the lab:

Despite what Planned Parenthood would like you to believe, preborn children aren’t just “blobs of tissue” or “clumps of cells” - they are growing human beings with arms, legs, fingers, and faces... and beating hearts.

Jerry, it is unconscionable this brutality is repeated 887 times a day at Planned Parenthood - and all with the endorsement of your tax dollars.

Each of us must work to end the forced taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood now. It starts with you watching and sharing this video with your friends:

For your friends who aren’t on Facebook, email them this link:

Together, we can end the insanity of the forced taxpayer funding of abortion - a huge step in ending the barbarism of abortion altogether.


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