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Silent No More

Greetings Friends of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign!

As you know the Campaign’s initiative started in 2015 is called “Healing The Shockwaves of Abortion”. Each month we are focusing on a different group of people that need healing from abortion. This is the wider circle of victims that are impacted by abortion. During the month of March we are focusing on the Grandparents of the aborted baby. Grandparents could have been that mother or father that told their daughter/son’s girlfriend that she had to have an abortion or they could be the parents that their daughter/son told them after the fact that she had an abortion. Either way they have lost a grandchild to abortion and just like their daughter or son they need to grieve the loss of this child. We have resources available to assist you in reaching out to the grandparents so please go to and click on March to see the prayers, sample sermons, articles and testimonies that are available.

Here’s some thoughts from Kevin Burke on this theme…

A Rachel’s Vineyard Counselor in Palm Beach Florida was asked by a local Pastor to offer a brief message of hope and healing at the weekend masses. After learning about the Shockwaves of Abortion ( program she decided to focus on the Shockwave theme for March – “Healing the Grandparents.” (

The counselor shared a brief message about the often unrecognized pain and grief of those who have lost grandchildren to abortion. As she spoke she could see that many in the congregation where deeply moved by the acknowledgement of their pain as grandparents; she observed eyes filling with tears as they were given permission to acknowledge their loss.

She wondered if this was a coincidence that so many in the congregation were moved by her message. In the next 3 masses she discovered the same widespread level of grief openly expressed by the large numbers of grandparents sitting in the church pews.

Abortion is not a simply a private decision between a woman and her healthcare provider, as pro-abortion propaganda would have us believe – it is a family loss. Depending on a grandparent’s role in the abortion and their level of emotional and spiritual pain, they may benefit from programs like Rachel’s Vineyard ( that welcome grandparents.

The Rachel’s Vineyard program provides grandparents an opportunity to acknowledge their loss and develop a spiritual relationship with a unique member of their family. Grandparents who attend the Rachel’s Vineyard Weekend share that the grace and blessing of the experience opened the door to further healing of this loss in their families.

[To find a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat and contact information on a site near you, go to our abortion recovery page - enter your zip code to find retreats and other resources in your area:]

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