Mother Has Abortion Scheduled For Tomorrow

The Elliot Institute

Dear Jerry,

We have an urgent prayer request for you for a woman named Em, who has an abortion scheduled for tomorrow. She left this comment on our web site:
I’m in a terrible place right now, I don’t know if anyone will reply in time, but I need help. I have an abortion scheduled tomorrow, but I don’t want to go through with it even though there’s really nothing in my corner to keep my baby. I’m 6 weeks, and I already have a son who’s about to turn two. I was put on probation with one of the terms being a no contact order with my two year old's father, and he is the one who got me pregnant now again.

I am afraid if I keep the baby, there will no way of getting around my probation officer finding out, and me going to jail or prison for breaking the no contact order. I was thinking I wouldn’t put the father on the birth certificate but he said they’d prob still find out, so I fear losing my two year old for going to jail, then when I give birth losing that baby as well.

I don’t know what to do, but I also feel if I go through with the abortion tomorrow I will regret it and my son I already have I will lose because I will not be able to cope with this loss. I have no support I’m living with my mom who says I have to get the abortion, the father already gave me the money for it.
But I know I won’t be able to live with myself if I do this, even though I love my two year old more than words can describe, and hate myself for even getting myself in this position in the first place.

I don’t know if anyone will see this in time, and I know this was a lot but I thought it was worth a shot to try to reach out, as I’m in a very messed up place right now.
Please pray right now, and keep praying for, Em, her unborn baby and everyone involved in this situation. If you would like to offer a message of support or encouragement, or suggest any resources that could be helpful to them, you can leave a reply to her comment below.

Thank you!

The Elliot Institute

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