Wonderful Conference

Ron Panzer

Dear friends,

A wonderful conference is to be held next weekend on Saturday, March 4th near Madison, Wisconsin. We often receive requests for information about the ways patients can be protected in healthcare settings. People want to know what is really happening in the field. This is a rare opportunity to hear the experts and ask your own questions at this conference, "Dignity at the End of Life - From Suffering to Hope!" See the February Pro-life Healthcare Alliance Newsletter below for more information or go to: www.prolifehealthcare.org

Those of you who are aware of what is happening in the end-of-life industry know there are several initiatives that promise to promote "dignity" at the end of life, and what they intend by that term is something quite other than those of faith understand true dignity to be. "Dignity," in the eyes of Leftists, atheists, secular humanists, is all about exalting "autonomy" rather than exalting the sanctity of life. That type of "dignity" often leads to the premature ending of life so the patient is relieved of suffering by being relieved of life, a true evil!

We revere human life and the Giver of that life! Dignity is found by each patient when they are loved, when they are cared for, when their being is recognized as valuable! Dignity is found when each of us open our hearts to God and love each other, both patient and caregiver! In that sacred relationship, care-giving becomes the opportunity to experience His blessings and presence. Secular humanists cannot even begin to understand this true mission of hospice and palliative care that was intended by its modern-day founder, pro-life Christian physician, Dame Cicely Saunders.

I urge you to attend this conference and notify others in the area to make the most of the opportunity to network with others and help create the Safe Haven for patients that can only be experienced in a pro-life healthcare setting. This is what the Pro-life Healthcare Alliance is about!

The healthcare setting has become hostile to life for certain categories of patients who are subjectively judged to be unworthy of life, unworthy of treatment, and unworthy to care about. Help us heal the healthcare industry and awaken its professionals and leaders to the harm they are doing as well as the wonderful opportunity to serve that has always existed in this field!


I also wish to alert you to another important development that I'm sure is on everyone's mind: our deeply divided nation and its effect on the patients and the healthcare industry. For decades, secular humanist utilitarians have dominated and controlled the direction of our healthcare industry. This continues and does so, and did so, even before the so-called "Affordable" Care Act was passed into law.

We now have a pro-life President, rather than the most anti-life President of U.S. history (and 2016 candidate) who encouraged abortion even when infants were partially-born. There is a coalition of enemies of the pro-life mission, working to undermine the pro-life agenda of our President. In addition, there are now numerous initiatives to not only undermine the President, but remove him from office, one way or another.

Violence in the streets is just one prong of a many-pronged attack. Legal challenges have been initiated, and will be, on just about every decision made. Working through Congressional obstruction, legal challenges in the courts, organizing protests, and the incessant attacks by an openly hostile major media, pro-life changes, as well as other initiatives, are being opposed.

Whether it is the cessation of using our tax-dollars to fund the abortion mill, Planned Parenthood, or other actions, the opposition is enraged. They consider a woman's right to end her pregnancy (and kill the unborn embryonic or fetal human being) a sacred right (as expressed clearly by Nancy Pelosi as many others). Actually, it is a "sacred" rite practiced by this anti-life cult that is quite similar to the ancient cults that practiced child sacrifice. The same motivation was used then as is used now to justify the ritual ending of life of children, or the yet unborn: autonomy, individual financial success, tribal success, the refusal to engage in sacrificial love for that defenseless human being entrusted to us as the most valuable gift of all.

Our message is the exact opposite: parents thrill at the prospect of caring for and loving their children, and thank God for that most precious gift. We honor the life of our fellow human beings from the very beginning of human development (whether through sexual or asexual reproduction) by doing everything to care for them throughout the spectrum of life.

I urge you to pray for our nation, the patients, and our President every day and night from this day forward. There are now even declared witches who are actually planning to cast an evil spell on Friday night (and every month thereafter) upon the President to stop him (and worse), to remove him from power if possible, to protect those disgusting, evil "rights" to kill the unborn and all other degradations of our society. (You can find the stories about the planned spell casting online if you wish).

The hatred burning in their hearts towards the President and towards all who are pro-life, Christian, and revere God, is spilling onto the streets, not just in America, but in other nations as well. Globalism to some is the fulfillment of a moral call, but it arises out of a communist agenda seeking world unity that is anything but of God. Human brotherhood will only arise when the dear Lord's Spirit of love fills all of our hearts, not through any political action or manipulation.

Some of us have testified that they have been given experiences to see some of the most wonderful angelic beings, while others of us have also witnessed experiences of something quite other than angelic, which we will not discuss here. When modern-day witches, who do exist, intend to harm our pro-life President, there is a truly evil character and spirit involved. Pray for God's blessing upon our nation, our President, and the people!

All healthcare is meant to be pro-life, otherwise it is not healthcare!

Best wishes,

Preserving the original pro-life hospice mission...

Ron Panzer

Pres, Hospice Patients Alliance


Member, Pro-life Healthcare Alliance


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