[NEW VIDEO] Ultrasounds For Killing, Not Care

Lila Rose

Dear Jerry,

Last week, Live Action exposed how - despite Planned Parenthood’s frequent claims - prenatal care for pregnant women is virtually nonexistent at the abortion giant.

But the investigation doesn’t end there: Live Action also discovered ultrasound machines generally have only one purpose at Planned Parenthood - abortion. Our investigators, posing as pregnant women wanting to keep their babies, asked about getting ultrasounds to check on their children’s health...and were turned away.

Live Action investigators contacted 68 facilities and found the nearly exclusive purpose of ultrasounds at Planned Parenthood is to determine a baby’s gestational age and position in the womb - for the sake of killing the child.

Planned Parenthood knows if it shows mothers an ultrasound, it would reveal a growing child with a beating heart and kicking legs - destroying not only the “clump of cells” myth, but eventually Planned Parenthood’s abortion business model.

Millions of Americans need to know the truth: at Planned Parenthood, ultrasounds are used for killing, not care. Please share this video with your friends on Facebook:

And for your friends who aren’t on Facebook, email them this link: https://youtu.be/_WXjoqbStEM

Together, we can expose the fact that Planned Parenthood doesn’t really care about providing real options for pregnant women - those “options” are just a front for its abortion-first business model to profit off the lives of over 320,000 preborn children every year.

Please share the videos today!

In the fight for life,

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